Professional Services

Business equipment is typically a part of a company’s network infrastructure. If your company doesn’t have an IT staff or you would like to request a formal handoff to your IT staff, Premiere can help.
When equipment is delivered to your location or if you are making network changes you will need to ensure your business equipment is included in your planning. The connectivity of devices on your network is outside the scope of a maintenance contract. Networking requires IT knowledge and an understanding of how devices are connected. Premiere is able to implement and fix even the most complex digital solutions.
Ensure the next time you are making changes to your network (such as a new router or adding or removing IP addresses) you include your business equipment in your planning.

Are you trying to implement a new business process that includes scanning or document management?
Business processes are dependent on the integrity of your technology systems. Premiere’s consultative approach will assist your business to choose the right solutions, implement them, and support them.
Premiere’s technical team can be contracted to fully implement systems with you on your network and to train your staff to properly use the equipment.
Premiere also offers a yearly service maintenance contract for equipment.