Premiere delivers world class Solutions, Products, and Services to move you and your company forward. We understand your need to control costs, depend on reliable systems, deliver documents electronically, require security, and meet transitioning business needs.




What if your users could scan documents directly to existing folder structures and access scanned images with the click of a button?
What if you could Group Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) according to predefined workflow requirements – one for accounting and one for marketing?

Many companies are converting their paper documents to electronic files. Electronic files can be easily shared, collaborated, and secured.
Implementing the proper product into your company’s workflow can assist in reducing labor, paper and overall costs related to documents.


Does your company need to: Minimize space taken up by documents, allow authorized users to share documents, place security on documents, or need an audit trail?
Document imaging solutions will transform the way your business operates. Document imaging can provide a wide range of benefits for businesses large and small. Two reasons companies want document imaging is to ensure security and to ensure documents don’t get lost in the paper shuffle.
Many companies scan to email versus scan directly to a folder. This is a popular method but is usually done without authentication. This is a security issue for many in the finance industry or who need an audit trail. Scanning to email gives users a blind portal to send an email from a device (instead of from them). We recommend that if you provide scan-to-email functionality users first authenticate (with either a login or HID card swipe). Also, the recipient can then reply to the actual sender. What we have found most users with scan to email do is: 1) scan a document back to themselves and then, either 2a) forward the email onto the recipient or 2b) remove the attached PDF and save it to a file folder. Premiere can provide you with a streamlined solution that will allow users to scan directly to the folder of their choice.
Premiere can also provide many other solutions for your ever changing IT needs. What if your users could scan and print right from their iPADS? Guess What – They Can!!!